essiac extractForm Number 1

Essiac® Liquid Extract "For those in need of fast and powerful immunity boosting".
Essiac® Liquid Extract is 18-20% more potent than the other forms.  Ready to use, this highly powerful liquid can be administered orally via syringe or glass dropper for those in very poor health who might lack to capacity to brew Essiac® tea or to swallow our Essiac® Vegicaps.




essiac powderForm Number 2

Essiac® Powder/Tea "For those who enjoy a cuppa".
Essiac® Powder/Tea can be made similarly to how one would make a normal herbal tea.  (Instructions on how to make the tea link).  Enjoy with friends or while relaxing with a book, perfect for enjoying a reviving boost any time day or night.




essiac capsulesForm Number 3

Essiac® Vegicaps "For those on the go".
These capsules come as a convenient pill form and are ready to use.  They contain 18-22% more potency than Essiac® Powder/Tea.  The box of Vegicaps is small and lightweight making them ideal to pop in a handbag or briefcase for use throughout the day.  The capsule coating is made without the use of animal products.

Healing Amber

Traditional natural remedy for teething discomfort

  • Provide natural pain relief
  • Soothing and calming during teething
  • Reduce Inflammation

“As a fossilised tree resin, amber has many elements that have positive effect on the whole human body (Succinic Acid) being the most powerful element.  The amber releases this Succinic Acid via the skin, which helps to balance the nervous system and discharge stress.  Helps reduce inflammation and accelerate healing as teething progresses.  The amber stone merely needs to be in direct contact with the skins surface to soothe
Healing amber

CE Certified there is a knot between each bead and an easy pop open clasp to remove.  Children should always be attended while wearing this Healing Jewellery and the Jewellery should be removed when child is sleeping or unattended.

Did You Know?
100% Baltic Amber Teething Jewellery can be worn around the ankle under a baby grow or sock to avoid being played with or chewed by young babies!

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